Decorative wax for textured stuccos Cera Maxima

Decorative wax for textured stuccos Cera Maxima


Decorative wax for textured stuccos Cera



Decorative wax Cera is intended for additional protection against damages, moisture effects and additional decorative effect. It creates vapor permeable and water repellent coating.


Sphere of application

It is intended for protective application on decorative products «Marmorino», «Art Beton», «Travertino» TM Maxima and other interior surfaces (living premises, offices, etc.)


The product is tinted manually with pigment concentrate "Farbex Color", other tinting pastes or with a tinting machine according to NCS color rate and others.

It is recommended to use the product of one batch to avoid differences in color. Mix the product of different batches before use.

Slight deviations in technical properties are allowed after tinting.

Technical data

Thinner Water
Application rate 85 - 100 ml/m2 depending on the technique of application and quantity of coats
Drying period (20 °С, 60% RH) 6-12 hours. Drying period increases if the temperature is getting down and relative air humidity increases.
Resistance to static effect of water less than 24 hours при 20 °С
Application a roller, a spatula, a brush, a sponge
Density (DSTU ISO 2811-1) 1,01 g/сm3
Solids content (DSTU ISO 3251) minimum 13,5%
Warranty period 18 months from the date of manufacturing


Application instruction

1. Priming

Acrylic decorative materials (stuccos and coatings) need not advanced undercoating.

2. Surface preparation

The surface shall be clean, dry and hard. Decorative base surface shall be completely dry.

3. Applying

Mix the wax thoroughly before use.

Add chosen pigment to the wax and mix it thoroughly before application. Apply the wax with a roller, a brush or a spatula on the base surface. After that soak the wax in with a cloth or a sponge till the effect you wish. Treat the surface with a plastic trowel to emphasize the structure.

Perform the works at the temperature of air and surface from +10°С till + 30°С and air humidity less then 80%.

4. Tool cleaning

Wash the tools with water after the work is finished. Don't let it dry. Rests of rejected product can be removed mechanically.


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