Paints and varnishes

MANUFACTURING COMPANY “POLYSAN” LTD offers wide range of the most market-demand alkyd and waterborne products under trademarks of Maxima, Farbex, Delfi and DekART.

About us

«MC «POLYSAN» LTD is one of the leading manufacturers of paint products in the Ukrainian market, which started its activity in 2003. The company has a well-arranged distribution network of product on the territory of Ukraine and in the countries near and far abroad. Today our product is interesting to different customers from the largest construction companies to consumers.

For consumers

Using our products you will win every time in the struggle against renovation and surprise all people around with your sophisticated taste.

For enterprises

Cooperating with us you receive not only a quality product but also a reliable business partner. Technologies and specialists of our company have multiannual experience of work in paint industry. We always ready to give complete answers to all possible questions of our clients and supply with the best choice of paint coatings.

Construction object

Thousands of square meters, hundreds of buildings and metalworks are coated with our products. Our interior paints are popular among foremasters and consumers. Wood protective systems are used in many spheres of woodworking.


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