Odorless solvent Maxima

Odorless solvent Maxima


Odorless solvent



  • it is without acrid smell
  • it has a wide sphere of use
  • it allows receiving paint product of required viscosity
  • it evaporates from paint product at common air temperature

Sphere of application

Odorless solvent (without strong odor) is used as an analog of white spirit for diluting of enamels, varnishes, primers, oily paints, dried oils, bitumen, and other solvent organic-based materials, and also for the cleaning of tools, degreasing of metal and other surfaces. Do not use for waterborne products!

Technical data

Density (DSTU ISO 2811-1) about 0,785 g/сm3
Warranty period 24 months from the date of manufacturing.
Packaging 0,5 l



Application instruction

1. Using

The solvent shall be added to paint products with small portions, stirring thoroughly till required viscosity.

Use a wet cloth with the solvent for surface cleaning.

Cleaning of the tool: the dry product shall be removed from the tools after that poured solvent into metal receptacles and washed carefully the tool.

It is recommended to wash brushes and pollen brushes with detergent to keep safe the softness of the bristles. 


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