Piro & Bio Protection for wood Farbex

Piro & Bio Protection for wood Farbex


Piro & Bio Protection for wood



The product is odorless. It does not cause corrosion on iron. It doesn't stain wood (non-significant change in the shade of some species of wood is allowed). It doesn't change the texture and grain of wood.

Sphere of application

The product is intended for protection against mould, pest, other biological damage. It converts wood products to the group of fire-resistant, including structures (frames, rafters, log cabins, etc.) for residential, public, industrial and agricultural purposes that are not under the direct effect of water and precipitation. It is forbidden to paint the surface after treatment with a product for pyro and bio protection.

Technical data

Consumption standard of 1 layer from 250 g/m2, it depends on the type and quality of the wood, as well as the method of application. Group I of fire efficiency is achieved by volume impregnation with absorbing of 751 kg / m3.
Thinner Water .The product is ready to use and it needs no diluting.
Application A brush,a roller, a spraying gun or volume impregnation method (autoclave impregnation, hot-and-cold bath method).
Density (DSTU ISO 2811-1) ab. 1,05 g/cm3
Solids content (DSTU ISO 3251) at least 8 %
Warranty period 18 months
Packaging 5 kg, 10 kg



Application instruction

1. Surface preparation

The treated surface shall be dry, thoroughly cleaned of dirt, grease, dust, blue stain, decay, old paint coatings with a brush or a scraper. Make sure that bearing structure, affected with biological damage, can bear loading. Treating of frozen timber is forbidden.

Recommended moisture content of wood before processing is not more than 20%.


2. Applying

Sediments may appear during storage. Stir thoroughly before use. Warm up the product gradually in a water bath and stir thoroughly until the sediments will dissolve before use. Drying period of each coat of the product (23 °С; 50 % RH) is 2 hours.

Apply the product in 2-4 layers with a roller, brush, spray at the temperature of air and surface from + 10 °С  to +35 °С  and relative air humidity of less than 80%. 

Attention: the method of application with a roller, brush or spray does not allow achieving the 1st group of fire retardant efficiency! To achieve group 1 fire retardant efficiency, it is necessary to use only bulk impregnation methods (autoclave impregnation, hot-cold bath method).

Attention: the more the product is applied, the better the protective effectiveness!

Important: drying the wood between treatments will promote greater application of the product, which means it will increase the protective effectiveness!

Attention: when applying a fire protection agent, a white coating (salts, deposits) may appear on the surface!

Piro & bio Farbex
Вогнебіозахист Farbex готовий до використання і не потребує додаткового приготування. Вогнебіозахист не змінює структуру та колір дерева. Ним можна обробляти деревину, яка буде використовуватися в інтер’єрі або на відкритому повітрі. Головне пам’ятати, при використанні вогнебіозахисту зовні приміщення, дерев’яні матеріали не повинні знаходитись під прямим впливом води та атмосферних опадів. Вогнебіозахист для дерева, який ми випускаємо, має першу групу вогнезахисної ефективності. Він перетворює дерево у важко горючий та важкозаймистий матеріал. Придбати вогнебіозахист можна в декількох місцях. Ви можете купити його за доступною ціною в нашому інтернет-магазині. Також вогнебіозахист придбати можна у популярних будівельних мережах: Епіцентр, Леруа Мерлен, Нова Лінія та 33 м2.



Flow calculator

Consumption standard of 1 layer

When calculating the area to be painted, you need to subtract the area that will not be painted. (windows, doors, etc.)

Paint consumption may vary depending on dilution and uniformity of application of the paint.