How to apply a putty on walls without failing?

How to apply a putty on walls without failing?

Application of putty on walls is an essential part for correcting and preparing a mineral surface before finishing coating. This is not a complicated process and you can easily do it by yourself.

Steps of application:

1. Undercoating

Undercoat clean base surface to harden it and increase its adhesive property. This step includes using of a paint roller or a brush for difficult to reach places.

2. . Damage repair

Correct deep cracks and other irregularities with a plaster or starting putty. The remaining minor defects are corrected with finishing putty.

3. Putty applying

This step of application is characterized by coating the surfaces with finishing putty. The putty is applied with a steel spatula.
Start applying from difficult to reach areas and move further to the flat surfaces of the walls.

4. Polishing

When the coat of the putty is dry polish the surface with a sandpaper float.

5. Cleaning and undercoating

After that, the surface shall be dust-free. It is necessary to undercoat the wall to level absorbing capacity of the surface and increase its adhesive properties.
The wall is ready for coating with a paint.