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Putty for Wood Farbex


Elastic. Quick-drying. Has high adhesion to wooden and mineral surfaces.

Sphere of application

Intended for elimination of surface roughness, low level defects of different types of wood, MDF, chip board, mineral bases. Indoors and outdoors.

Technical data

Consumption standard of 1 layer:
1,8 kg with a layer sickness of 1 mm
Apply with a stainless steel putty spattle
Drying period (23 °С, 50% RH):
Solids content (DSTU ISO 3251) :
About 74 %
Density (DSTU ISO 2811-1) :
About 1,8 g/cm3
Particle size:
Max. 100 µm
Resistance to washing:
Cat. B, from 50 to 150 µm, SSU EN 16566
Warranty period:
18 months
0,35 kg, 0,7 kg


ash tree

Application instruction

Surface preparation

Clean the surface from the clean layer, dust. oil, fat and other muddings.

To protect from mildew and fungus, depending on a type of surface, use antiseptic for wooden and mineral surfaces ТМ «Farbex».

For better absorbent capacity and adhesion to mineral surfaces use deep penetration primer ТМ «Farbex».


Before applying putty should be carefully mixed, add water if needed (not more tahn 5 % of weight). Work should be conducted at temperature from +10 °С to +35 °С of surface and environment. Lay with a scrapper of stainless steel. Big coves should be puttied in several layers. Time of drying of one layer (up to 2 mm thick, 23 °С; 50 % RH) is 2-3 hours.

Before painting puttied surface should be sanded and primed.  For wooden surface use alkyd of acrylic woodcare product ТМ «Maxima» depending on finishing paint. For mineral surface - any water-dispersible primer ТМ «Farbex» according to the appplication recomendations.

Tool cleaning

After work wash tools carefully with water. Avoid drying. 


Flow calculator

Consumption standard of 1 layer

When calculating the area to be painted, you need to subtract the area that will not be painted. (windows, doors, etc.)

Paint consumption may vary depending on dilution and uniformity of application of the paint.