Decorative coating with quartz sand and pearl Duna Maxima

Decorative coating with quartz sand and pearl Duna Maxima


Decorative coating with quartz sand and pearl Duna



The Duna product creates an effect of sand-dune thanks to pearl twinkle and rough nonabrasive structure.  It can change tints depending on the lighting. The product is flexible, easy to use, and simple.  It allows to received different patterns which depend on the applying technique. It creates a hard durable and vapor permeable coating.

Sphere of application

It is intended for decorating mineral surfaces (cement and cement-lime plasters, filler, gypsum, concrete) inside of premises with high operation load: living premises, offices, stores, restaurants, saloons. 


It can be tinted manually with Pigment Concentrate Farbex Color, other waterborne coloring pastes, or with a coloring machine acc. to NCS color range and others.

It is recommended to use products from one batch to avoid the differences in shades of color.

Modifications in the technical properties of products are allowed after tinting.

Technical data

Thinner Water. It is allowed to dilute it max. 10% of the total weight of the product.
Application rate 0,2 kg/m2. depending on the technique of application and quantity of coats.
Drying period (20 °С, 60% RH) 24 hours. Drying period increases if the temperature gets down and relative air humidity icreases. Complete hardening of the coating is achieved in 28 days!
Application apply with a brush or roller and create a pattern with a brush;
Density (DSTU ISO 2811-1) 1,47 g/сm3
Particle size max 200 mkm
Solids content (DSTU ISO 3251) min 50%
Resistance to static effect of water min 24 hours at the temperature 20 °С
Warranty period 18 months from the date of manufacture



Application instruction

1. Surface preparation

Uncoated surfaces: remove all fragile particles, dust, oil, grease and other dirt till hard base surface.

Previously coated surface: clean thoroughly from old loose coats. Clean the surface from all kinds of dirt.

Insignificant defects of the mineral surface shall be corrected with finishing plaster TM Farbex and then polish.

It is recommended to treat the surface with the antiseptic solution for mineral surfaces TM Farbex for protection against fungi and mould.

2. Priming

Extremely absorbing surfaces shall be treated with a deep-penetrating primer TM Farbex or TM Maxima.

It is obligatory to apply a coat of adhesive primer with quartz filler QuartzPrimer TM Maxima or matt latex paint "Silk Touch 3" TM Maxima. The paint or QuartzPrimer shall be tinted in the color of decorative stucco.

3. Applying

Stir the paint thoroughly before use.
The material shall be applied with a brush or roller by voluntary movements. Quartz particles shall be evenly spread on the surface.  The necessity patterns shall be created by grouping fractions with a clean brush after 10-15 min from the application.
Perform the work at the temperature of air and surface from +10°С till + 30°С and maximal air humidity by 80%.
It is recommended to work in a group of two or three persons, as the work on a single surface shall be performed continuously.

4. Tool cleaning

Wash the tools with water. Don't let it get dry. Parts of rejected product can be removed mechanically.


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