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Universal thinner Maxima


  • it allows to keep the paint product of necessary viscosity
  • it evaporates from a paint product at common temperature of the air

Sphere of application

It is intended for diluting of anticorrosion products based on alkyd-styrene resins and other products based on acryl-styrene, nitro-celluloce, pentaptal, glyptal and oily bases. It is used for degreasing of metal surfaces, cleaning of paint tools and equipment.

Technical data

Mix of esters, spirits and hydrocarbons
Density (DSTU ISO 2811-1) :
0,880-0,885 g/сm3
Warranty period:
36 months
0,5 L



Application instruction


Do not use for waterborne products.

The thinner shall be added to paint produts with small portions, stirring thoroughly till required viscosity.

Use cloth wet with the thinner for cleaning of the surface.

General directions for work with the thinner:

1. It is obligatory to use personal safety equipment: glasses, a respirator, gloves.
2. If skin contact, rinse affected place with plenty of water.
3. Work with the product in well aired spaces.
4. Air temperature shall be (23±2) °С. High temperature, working heating elements or open fire are forbidden.
5. After finishing working close containers thoroughly and set them in a well aired place distantly from direct sunlight. It is required to store them vertically when the plug is on the top.


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