Application of rubber paint

Application of rubber paint

Універсальна Гумова фарба

Is your roof covered with zinked metal or slate and no longer looks like a new one?.. Do you want to make it more beautiful?.. Do you need to coat a cocle, facade, bathroom walls or basement?.. Specialists of “MC “POLYSAN” LTD have developed a new product – Rubber paint TM Farbex that will help to solve many problems and questions.  Гумова фарба Farbex».

What Rubber paint TM Farbex is?

Rubber paint – is the unique paint which received its name after its elastic film created on the surface after drying. The film can be rolled into a tube and bent at a fairly sharp angle, and even then, the paint film remains not damaged or cracked.

This paint is intended for application on the surfaces of roofs, facades, socles, metal drain pipes, brick and stone, columns, fences, living rooms, corridors, walls in bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Properties, that bring out Rubber Paint from competitors, are following:

  • High elasticity
  • It has a good adhesion to almost all kinds of surfaces
  • It resists to cracking and inhibits base surface cracks
  • High durability and water resistance
  • Advanced resistance to weather effects
  • The paint creates a matt coating

The Rubber paint is applied on such kind of surfaces:

  • slate, tile
  • corrugated deck
  • zinked metal, aluminum
  • undercoated iron
  • concrete, plaster, putty
  • brick, foam-concrete and gas-concrete
  • gypsum board
  • plywood, MDF, flake board, cement boards
  • wood
  • wallpaper
  • alkyd and oily paints

Tools which are intended for work with Rubber paint:

  • a paint brush
  • a roller
  • a spraying gun

Directions as for preparation of different types of surfaces, which are meant to be coated with Rubber Paint TM Farbex.:

Surface Preparation
Slate, tile Tile and slate surfaces are quite porous, so it is necessary to clean them before application. When the surface is clean, let it completely dry and then apply one thin layer of paint to fix tiny particles and dust on the surface, which remain on the surface. It increases adhesion of paint to the surface.
Corrugated deck galvanized metal, aluminum Preparation does not include undercoating. But these surfaces shall be clean and degreased before coating
Iron The surface shall be cleaned from loose coatings, dust, dirt, corrosion, slag, oil, grease and other dirt. Iron shall be undercoated with anticorrosion Alkyd Primer GP-021 ТМ «Farbex» before application.
Concrete, putty, brick, foam- and gasconcrete, gypsum board The surface shall be dusted and treated with Deep-penetrating primer «Super Base» ТМ «Farbex» or Primer concentrate «Super Base 1:4» ТМ «Farbex».
It is recommended to clean in prior and treated with as Antiseptic concentrate 1:4 for mineral surfaces ТМ «Farbex», in the case of surface corruption with moss, mould, or fungi.

Plywood, MDF, flake board, cement boards, wood These types of surfaces shall be clean and dry. Clean thoroughly the surface from loose coatings, dust, dirt, oil, grease and other dirt.
Surfaces coated with alkyd or oily paints Polish the surfaces, previously coated with oily or alkyd paints, till matt. Then rinse with lean solution of detergent. After, rinse thoroughly with water and let it dry.

Application of the Rubber paint TM Farbex on the surface:

At the beginning, stir the paint thoroughly before application. If necessary, dilute it with water, but no more than 5% of the paint weight.

Then apply the paint with a paint brush or a spraying gun in 2 or 3 layers with intermediate drying at the temperature from +10 ºС till +30 ºС and relative air humidity of 80% maximum. The next layer shall be applied after the previous one is completely dry.

The drying period of coat is 2 hours at the temperature (20 ± 2) ºС and relative air humidity (65 ± 5%).

Consumption of paint on a single-layer application deviates from 100 g / m2 to 200 g / m2 depending on the absorbing property of the surface and the way of application.

Do not apply paint under direct sunlight, strong wind, high air humidity or on the surface heated with sunlight!

Finally, rinse carefully the tools with water after application.

Our unique paint will save your money, because you will not need to buy a huge amount of different paint products. Just buy Rubber paint and enjoy its perfect quality!

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