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Wood Primer аcrylic

Wood Primer аcrylic


Wood Primer аcrylic



it doesn't change the wood color. It penetrates deeply into the wood fibers and fix them. It effectively protects wood agaist pest and fungi. It make polishing easier. It dries quickly. It has high adhesive property with bases. It is applied on  a non-coated surface or surface, cleaned from old paint coating.

Sphere of application

It is intended for undercoating of differend kinds of wood, MDF, fiberboards, wood chip boards, wooden panels, new or cleand from old paint materials and wooden surfaces (walls and ceilings, doors, window frames, furniture, boat landings, terraces, etc.) before coating with water-based materials. For interior and exterior use.

Technical data

Consumption standard of 1 layer:
80-125 ml/m2
Apply with a brush, a roller or a spraying gun.
Drying period (DSTU ISO 9117-5):
1 hour
Solids content (DSTU ISO 3251) :
About 16%
Density (DSTU ISO 2811-1) :
About 1g/sm3
Warranty period:
24 months from the date of manufacturing
(at the temperature from +5 °С till +35 °С)
0,75 l



Application instruction

Preliminary preparation
The surface under application shall be dry (maximal humidity is 20%), thorougly cleaned from dirt, grease, dust, bluestone, corruption. Old paint coatings and darkened layers of wood shall be removed with sandpaper, wire brush, scraper. Then remove the dust.
Stir the primer thoroughly before use. The primer is ready to use. If it is required dilute it with water (maximum 10% of the total weight). - Apply with a brush, a roller or a spraying gun. - Edgers of the wood shall be treated with special thorough. - Application shall be performed at the temperature of air and surface minimum +10 ºС. - Drying period of one layer of the primer (20 ºС; 65 % RH) is 1 hour. The next layer can be applied after 1 hour. If application is performed on horisontal surfaces and with additional consumption of primer, complete drying period can last longer. - Do not apply it when the weather is windy or under direct sunlight.
Tool cleaning
Rinse the tools with water after application.

Flow calculator

Consumption standard of 1 layer

When calculating the area to be painted, you need to subtract the area that will not be painted. (windows, doors, etc.)

Paint consumption may vary depending on dilution and uniformity of application of the paint.