Yacht Varnish polyurethane-acrylic Maxima

Yacht Varnish polyurethane-acrylic Maxima


Yacht Varnish polyurethane-acrylic



It has high resistance to weather effects: UV radiation, lasting influence of fresh and salt water, and also to the influence of humidity and household cleaning agents. It has increased wear resistance, resistance to scratching, impact and other intensive mechanical loadings. It creates solid and elastic film, which does not decrepitate with time. It also creates glassy cover, which emphasizes wood structure. 

Sphere of application

It is intended for lasting protection and giving decorative effect to wooden above water parts and interior parts of sea and river ships as well as for window frames, doors and other wooden surfaces. For indoor and outdoor use.

Technical data

Consumption standard of 1 layer 80-100 ml/m2, depending on the kind of wood and quality of timber as well as way of application.
Thinner Water. Delution of the product is possible but maximum 10% of the total weight.
Application It is applied with a roller, a brush or a spraying gun.
Drying period (23 °С, 50% RH) 4 hour. Drying period increases if the temperature is getting down and relative air humidity is increasing. Maximum hardness and wear resistance of the coating is achieved after 14 days.
Gloss (DSTU ISO 2813) Minimal 60 GU at 60°
Hardness (DSTU ISO 1522) 140-150 sec, Konig pendulum
Solids content (DSTU ISO 3251) 21±2 %
Density (DSTU ISO 2811-1) ≈ 1,03 g/сm3
Non-volatile matter by volume
(DSTU ISO 3233)
20,5±2 %
VOC content (ISO 11890) 70±5 g/l
Warranty period 24 months from the date of manufacturing
(at the temperature from +5 °С till +35 °С)
Packaging 0,75 l, 2,5 l, 5 l, 20 l





Application instruction


1. Surface preparation

The surface shall be dry (maximum humidity is 20%). Clean thoroughly the surface of oils, wax, mud, grease, dust, blue stain, decay, old paint coats and other dirt till clean wood.

Clean dirty areas with a dry brush.

Mould and plants shall be removed manually (with a scraper or a wire brush). Then treat the surface with Antiseptic for wooden surfaces TM Farbex.

Remove resin at the places of knots in mechanical way.

To receive a smooth surface without visible places of old coatings (paint or varnish), it shall be totally removed from the surface in mechanical (with a scratcher, a floor scrubber), thermal (a hot dryer, infra-red rays) or chemical way (paint removing treatments).

It is not recommended to clean the surface by methods, which can damage wood fibers (for example, sandblast apparatus).

Defected surfaces (holes, rends, cracks) shall be filled with Putty for wood ТМ Farbex.

Polish the surface and remove the dust.

2. Priming

Make sure that wooden surface is clean and dry before priming.

It is recommended to prime new or cleaned from old rests surfaces with Wood protective acrylic primer TM Maxima for providing the best defensive effect.

Edges of wooden products shall be treated more carefully and completely impregnated.


3. Applying of finishing layer

Make sure that the primed cover is dry enough before applying the finish coating.

The varnish is ready for use, if needed dilute it with water. Stir the varnish before application.

The recommended application of the product is 2-3 coats with intermediate polishing. The next coat shall be applied not earlier, than in 4 hours. The final hardening of the surface and the acquisition of its properties occurs 14 days after the coating.

Application is performed at the temperature from + 10 °С till + 30 °С and relative air humidity no more than 80%.

Do not apply the varnish under direct sunlight, strong wind, frost and atmospheric precipitation. After the coating is applied it shall not be affected by atmospheric precipitation and sub-zero temperatures for 24 hours.

4. Tool cleaning

Clean tools with water after application. Do not let them dry. Dry product shall be removed  from the tools in mechanical way.



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Flow calculator

Consumption standard of 1 layer

When calculating the area to be painted, you need to subtract the area that will not be painted. (windows, doors, etc.)

Paint consumption may vary depending on dilution and uniformity of application of the paint.