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Acrylic wood & metal enamel Maxima

Acrylic wood & metal enamel


Acrylic wood & metal enamel



Distinct for its whiteness degree. Does not grow yellow with the time. Fast drying. Has high exterior resistance, moisture resistant. Resistant to temperature change. Forms solid, elastic coat, resistant to mechanical loading and intensive multiple washing. May be colored with pigment concentrate Farbex Color and other coloring pastes. 

Sphere of application

intended for decorative-protective painting of wooden (furniture, doors, windows etc.), primed metal, mineral (finished , concrete, masonry) and other surfaces indoors and outdoors.

Technical data

Consumption standard of 1 layer:
80-125 ml/m2
Apply with a brush, a roller or a spraying gun.
Drying period (23 °С, 50% RH):
Solids content (DSTU ISO 3251) :
About 44-45%
The degree of milling (SSU ISO 1524):
About 5 µm
Density (DSTU ISO 2811-1) :
About 1.2 g/сm3
Hardness (DSTU ISO 1522) :
About 30 sec.
Gloss (DSTU ISO 2813) :
Glossy. Minimal 60 GU at 60°
Silky-matt. 20-25 GU at 60°
Wet-scrub resistance (DSTU ISO 11998), microns:
<1 (after 200 cycles)
Warranty period:
24 months from the date of manufacturing
(at the temperature from +5 °С till +35 °С)
0,75 l, 2,3 l, (20 l - if preodered)


white (base A)


glossy silky matt

Application instruction

Surface preparation

The surface under application shall be firm, clean and dry, thoroughly cleaned from dust, rust, slags, grease and other impurities .

Dirty surface shall be cleaned with dry brush.

Remove flaking paint, and weakly bound layers from previously painted surface, to the solid base mechanically (scrapper, brush), thermally (hot air drying fan, infrared rays) or chemically (means of removing paint). 

For gaining the best adhesion previously painted surface (with oil or alkyd paint) shall be sanded.

If any holes, gaps, unevennes are present on surface - adjust them with Farbex putty.

Small defects of mineral surface shall be adjusted with finish Putty Farbex.

Metal surface shall be thoroughly cleaned from rust with metal brush or grit paper. For better rust removing chemical means of rust removing may be used before mechanical ones.

Puttied surface shall be polished till it is smooth, remove dust after polishing.


Previously finished wooden surface does not require priming.

Previously not finished wooden surface shall be processed with acrylic woodcare primer Maxima.

Previously not finished mineral absorbing surface shall be primed with acrylic deep-penetration primer Base Farbex or primer-concentrate of deep penetration Super Base 1:4 Farbex.

Previously not finished metal surface shall be primed with anticorrosive primer GP-021 Farbex.

Applying of finishing layer

Enamel shall be thoroughly mixed before applying. Enamel is ready to use. If needed mix with water (not more than 10% of enamel's weight). Excessive mixing deteriorates quality of coat!

Apply Enamel at air and surface temperature from +10 ºС till +30 ºС and relative air humidity 80% maximum.

Enamel shall be applied with brush, roller or paintblower with 1-2 layers. Next layer shall be applied not earlier than in 2 hours. 

Tool cleaning

Having finished the work equipment shall be cleaned with water.


Flow calculator

Consumption standard of 1 layer

When calculating the area to be painted, you need to subtract the area that will not be painted. (windows, doors, etc.)

Paint consumption may vary depending on dilution and uniformity of application of the paint.