Structure paint for facades and interiors Farbex

Structure paint for facades and interiors Farbex


Structure paint for facades and interiors



  • It creates a hard, durable and elastic structured matt coat, which is resistant to mechanic load, aggressive weather effects (precipitation, temperature fluctuation, moisture and alkali effects).
  • It has high vapor permeability and good water repellent properties.
  • It hides defects of the surface and microcracks.
  • It is easy to apply and to form a structure.
  • It can be tinted with water-based color pastes "Farbex Color" or with a tinting machine according to NCS color rate.

Sphere of application

Structure latex paint is ready to use and it is intended for decorative thin-layered treatment of surfaces indoors and outdoors. It can be used as finishing decorative coating in insulation system.

It is applied on any mineral surfaces (plaster,  putty, brick, concrete, slag block), gypsum and wood.

Product is recommended for decoration of the surfaces with high exploitation load (offices and living spaces, hotels, restaurants, stores and other public buildings), and also for facades and basement of living, industrial, administrative, commercial, storing and other buildings.


It can be tinted manually with Pigment Concentrate Farbex Color, other waterborne coloring pastes or with a coloring machine acc. to NCS color range and others.

Technical data

Consumption standard of 1 layer 0,8-1,2 kg/m2
Thinner Water. It is allowed to dilute maximum of 1% of the total weight of the product.
Application Apply with a spatula or a brush.Then form a structure with a decorative roller, a notched spatula, a floater, a structured brush and other tools.
Drying period (23 °С, 50% RH) 4 hours.The drying period increases if the temperature is getting down and relative air humidity is increasing.
Solids content (DSTU ISO 3251) 75±2 %
Density (DSTU ISO 2811-1) ≈ 1,64 g/cm3
Gloss (DSTU ISO 2813) Not defined. (not defined, G0, DSTU EN 1062-1)
Dry film thickness It meets the size of grain, ≈ 0,5 mm, for a single layer of coating (> 400 micron, E5, DSTU EN 1062-1)
Particle size maximum 500 micron, (hard-grained, < 1500 micron, S3, DSTU EN 1062-1)
Vapor permeability (EN ISO 7783-2) ≈ 100 g/(m2*24hours.), (medium, >15 - ≤150 g/(m2*24hours.), V2, DSTU EN 1062-1)
Water permeability (DSTU EN 1062-3) maximum 0,1 kg/(m2*h0,5), (low, < 0,1 kg/(m2*h0,5), W3, DSTU EN 1062-1)
Marking acc. to the DSTU EN 1062-1 G0|E5|S3|V2|W3|A0|C0
Non-volatile matter by volume
(DSTU ISO 3233)
57,5±2 %
VOC content (ISO 11890) ≈ 25 g/l.
Warranty period 24 months, (at the temperature from +5 °С to +35 °С)
Packaging 7 kg, 14 kg



Application instruction


1. Surface preparation

Uncoated surface: clean the surface from fragile coats till hard base surface, dust, oil, grease and other dirt. 

Previously coated surface: Clean the surface thoroughly of old loose coats (peeled paint or varnish) in a mechanical (a scraper, a wire brush), thermal (a hot air dryer, infrared radiation) or chemical (paint removing products) way. Chalk and lime-chalk whitewash shall be removed till hard surface in a mechanical way. The surface shall be cleaned from all kinds of dirt. Surfaces, previously coated with alkyd or oil enamel, shall be sandpapered. Then treat the surface as the uncoated one.

Non-significant defects of mineral surfaces shall be corrected with Finishing Putty TM Farbex and then sandpaper it.

It is recommended to apply antiseptic TM Farbex for protection against mould and fungi

2. Priming

Extremely absorbing surfaces shall be treated with a deep-penetrating primer TM Farbex.

It is obligatory to apply a coat of paint primer with quartz filler TM Farbex. Paint primer shall be tinted in the color of structure paint.

For difficult base surfaces (see the sphere of application) apply a coat of adhesion primer "Beton Kontakt" TM Farbex. Adhesion primer shall be tinted in the color of structure paint.

3. Applying of finishing layer

Stir the paint thoroughly before use. If it's necessary dilute with water. Apply the paint at the temperature of air and the surface from + 5 °С till + 35 °С and relative air humidity less than 80%. Apply the paint with an applicator or a brush on the prepared surface and then structure it with a roller for decorative effect, notched trowel, a floater, structured brush and other tools.

It is recommended to use the product of one batch to avoid color shade deviation and uneven structure on the surface. If the product in use is from different batches, it is necessary to mix it. 

It is recommended to apply coating within the area of a decorative element or “from corner to corner”. Use masking tape if necessary.

Do not apply the paint under direct sunlight, strong wind, frost and precipitation. The coat shall not be effected with precipitation or subzero temperatures during 24 hours after the coating is applied.

4. Tool cleaning

Rinse the tools with water after application. Don't let it dry.


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Flow calculator

Consumption standard of 1 layer

When calculating the area to be painted, you need to subtract the area that will not be painted. (windows, doors, etc.)

Paint consumption may vary depending on dilution and uniformity of application of the paint.